wanz 457

主演: 芭芭拉·伊登,威廉·夏特纳 

导演: 彼得·H·亨特 

类型: 悬疑,惊悚,恐怖 美国  1996

简介:Henrie O. is a world-famous journalist and writer. She's invited by her old lover Chase Prescott to his secluded island home. Chase, a wealthy businessman with money woes, hopes Henrie O. can discover the person he thinks is trying to kill him. It se,影片被点击了1000次,本视频《wanz 457》是由破晓电影网www.putianlaw.com收集自网络发布,年份地区:悬疑,惊悚,恐怖,该片由彼得·H·亨特执导,影片类型:悬疑,惊悚,恐怖,评分10.0,破晓电影网(www.putianlaw.com)电影在线观看,该片语言英语,由芭芭拉·伊登,威廉·夏特纳参演,你将要在线观看的悬疑,惊悚,恐怖《wanz 457》于1996年开始在悬疑,惊悚,恐怖热映。。




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